My Windows shell

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Sometimes I have to use Windows instead of my Linux. Windows is very similar to Linux, but there are some things Linux does far better then Windows. One of them is the Shell. This is the Windows cmd prompt:

windows cmd

Compare this to my Linux shell (as I setup it in my .configoh-my-zsh ,syntax highlighting and more):

linux zsh

So, first I try to use git-bash as it similar to the Linux bash, but while I was able to use more than half of my aliases with only some find/replace, I was not able to change the shell look and feel, and I needed to use cmd a lot (which i don’t like very much).

I decided to look at Windows powershell (that looks a little bit better), then I learned about PSReadLine,(something that controls the powershell prompt) – and got these:

the final shell

I even made an installation script to install this shell (it’s not fully automatic – you will need to follow the installation guide to setup the fonts).

Now it’s much easier to use the shell in windows.

To install – follow the installation guide