List of online converter tools

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Image by Fruity-Paws from Pixabay

Every time I want to convert something, I search for it in google. And every time I found some ad-bloated and slow sites (if they even work), so I make this list of open source and good online converter tools.

Name of tool link to web demo, GitHub link to GitHub

  • Multilingual:
    • Transform-tools (GitHub): JSON to a format for configuration files (TOML, YAML, etc.) GraphQL to struct, and more
  • Programming languages:
  • Command line tools
    • Curlconverter (GitHub): convert curl command into programming language at your choice
    • Jc (GitHub): convert the output of popular command-line tools (like dig, ⁣ping, ⁣pip list,etc – at the time of writing this, it has around 180 different parsers) to JSON or YAML
  • Markup:
  • database
    • Quicktype (GitHub) : convert JSON to struct in a popular programming language
    • Sqlitebiter (GitHub) (offline only) : convert table file to SQL (support Excel, HTML, JSON, CSS, TSV, and a lot more)
      (I added it though it has no web online version because it really converts anything to SQL – in the GitHub example : sqlitebiter url "" will extract all the tables from the Wikipedia page, then convert them to SQL database)
  • images
    • webp2jpg (GitHub) – Use browser image functionality to converter images formats, resize, rotate, watermark, trim and rename images.

Do you know other good converter tools? Let me know in the comments!