Hebrew python

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"hello" in hebrew-python

"hello" in hebrew-python

Want to learn python but English is a problem? Introducing hebrew-python, a library for writing python in Hebrew.

After installing this library you can write a script like:

מתוך בנוי.אקראי יבא מספר_אקראי
משתנה_כלשהו = מספר_אקראי(1,9)

Name the file something.hepy and you can run it with hepy something.hepy.

try it online – In python-editor for this site

try it online


pip install hebrew-python


hebrew-python support jupyter and ipython intercative console by ipython extension. to use:

install jupyter-notebook by : pip install notebook
start jupyter-notebook by : jupyter notebook. then create new python3 by the new button.

on the first cell enter the text %load_ext hebrew_python and pross contoll+enter.

and then you can write hebrew-python in all notebook